How to Play the Top Spin Snooker Video Slot

Game Characteristics

  • This Video Slot has 9 fixed paylines.
  • Three or more Scatter icons activates free spins. Scatters can appear anywhere on the slot screen.
  • Free spins will play the same number of lines and bet per line as the original game.
  • It is possible to win additional free spins during a free spin.
  • The Wild symbol substitutes for any symbol except for Scatter and Bonus.
  • The Wild symbol does not pay by itself.
  • Three or more bonus symbols anywhere on an active pay line trigger the "Master of Spin" bonus game.
  • In the bonus game, the player must select a colored ball on the snooker table to pass each of the seven rounds. In the first round, all seven balls are colored. For each round that follows, one white ball replaced a colored ball until round 7, when only the black ball and six white ball remain. Selecting a white ball in each of the rounds ends the bonus game.
  • Winnings are awarded for every colored ball selected during the bonus game.
  • All wins during a bonus game are cumulative and are multiplied by the bet per line amount.
  • Finishing all Bonus selections successfully will add 788 points to the Bonus points. The extra Bonus points will be multiplied by bet per line.
  • 4 Bonus symbols anywhere on an active payline multiply all bonus game wins by 10.
  • 5 Bonus symbols on an active payline multiply all bonus game wins by 20.
  • The game rules apply for mobile as well.

Free Spins

3 or more Scatter symbols anywhere on the reels trigger free spins.
3 Scatters = 5 free spins
4 Scatters = 10 free spins
5 Scatters = 20 free spins

General instructions

  1. Your bet amount equals the number of fixed lines multiplied by the bet per line value.
  2. To change the bet per line Player should change the total bet.
  3. All symbols pay left to right on consecutive reels of an active pay line (starting with the leftmost reel). In some games scatter and bonus symbols are paid anywhere on the reels.
  4. All wins are multiplied by the bet per line except for scatter wins which are sometimes multiplied by the total bet (depending on game).
  5. Only the highest win will be paid on each of the active pay lines.
  6. The combinations of scattered symbols pay only the highest prize.
  7. A winning combination of wild symbols does not pay anything by itself.
  8. To view the different winning combinations and special features click PAYTABLE or Info on the machine's button panel.
  9. Wins on different pay lines are added together.
  10. Malfunction voids all pays and plays.

The player’s percentage of theoretical return is 95.75%

Game Control Panel

Below is a description of the PC game control panel:

Button Functionality
ButtonsPC_Play_Idle Click on the Spin button in order to spin the reels in the selected bet.
ButtonsPC_Stop_Idle Click on the Stop button in order to stop the spin.
ButtonsPC_AutoPlay_Idle Click on the Auto Play button in order to select the Auto Play value. This button will open a selection of predefined values. Once the value is selected the Auto Play will commence.
ButtonsPC_AutoPlay_BarNew Component Auto play selection menu.
Note that the Until Stop option is shown only in jurisdictions that permit it.
Autoplay pauses for special features, such as Bonus Rounds and Free Spins, and resumes when they are finished.
Autoplay can be stopped at any time by re-pressing the Spin (Stop) button.
ButtonsPC_Info_Idle Pressing on this button opens the Paytable immediately.
ButtonsPC_Bet_Minus_Idle ButtonsPC_Bet_Plus_Idle Pressing on the + and – buttons will increase and decrease the bet accordingly via a number of predefined values.
ButtonsPC_Sound_On_Idle The following icon can be used in order to turn the sound on and off.
Menu Help Inside the menu there is a help page button that will open the help page in an external page.


In the mobile game, the following displays are shown:

  • Balance – the player’s balance.
  • Bet – the current total bet level, meaning the bet per line times the number of active paylines. In some games there are no paylines but still the Bet field presents that total bet level.
  • Win – any wins achieved. If no win is achieved, will show zero.
  • Progressive jackpots – if the game has a progressive jackpot/s, they will be shown. Note that during history viewer mode, the jackpot/s display/s are empty.

In the mobile game, the following buttons are available.

  • Sounds on/off – this appear after the game is loaded and allows the player to enable the game sounds. Note – this can also be done from within the settings menu.
  • Spin – pressing it will spin the reels. Once pressed, the button will show the stop sign, allowing the player to stop the reels.
  • Auto spin 25 – pressing it will auto spin the reels 25 times. Once pressed, the button will show the stop sign, allowing the player to stop the reels.
  • Home – exists the game and returns the player to the lobby.


  • Help page - pressing this button will open the game rules. Note – this can also be done from within the settings menu.
  • Setting menu – open a setting menu with following 7 options.
  • Total Bet Selector - allowing the player to increase or decrease the current selection.
  • Auto Spin - allowing the the player to increase or decrease the current selection.
  • Paytable – opens the game’s paytable.
  • Help page - opens the game rules.
  • Responsible gaming - opens the responsible gaming page.
  • Cashier – opens the client cashier, allowing the player to make deposits.
  • Sounds – on/off selector
  • The player can close the setting menu by pressing the “X” button.

Note: for games that support both modes, the above is true for both landscape and portrait modes. However, not all games support both modes, in which case only landscape mode is supported.