How to Play Jack’s Pot

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Game overview

  • This Video Slot has 25 fixed paylines, 3 progressive jackpots, Free Spins, Wild and Scatter pay Feature.

General instructions

  • All symbols pay left to right on consecutive reels of an active payline (starting with the leftmost reel).
  • All wins are multiplied by the bet per line, except for jackpot wins which are not multiplied at all and “Scatter” wins, which are multiplied by the total bet.
  • Only the highest win will be paid on each of the active paylines.
  • Malfunction voids all pays and plays.
  • Free spins, Scatter and jackpot wins are paid in addition to payline wins.
  • All the game results are random.

Game features

Bonus games

  • 3 “Scatter” symbols anywhere on the reels pay prizes and trigger the “Crystal Rock” Bonus game.
  • The “Crystal Rock” Bonus game determines the number of Free Spins the player will play as well the amount of special “Amber” Sticky Wilds, if any, by choosing 1 of 6 possible elements.
  • Each element uncovers either Free Spins or Free Spins with “Amber” Sticky Wilds. See description of the “Amber Sticky Wilds” further below.
  • After the player will make his selection the Free Spins will commence.
  • Free Spins will play the same bet per line as the original game
  • It is not possible to win more Free Spins or Progressive Jackpots during the Free Spins.

“AMBER” Sticky Wild

  • During some of the Free Spins, the “Amber” Sticky Wilds are added to the reels, thus increasing the chances of winning prizes.
  • The number of the extra the “Amber” Sticky Wilds remains constant during the Free Spins.
  • The extra the “Amber” Sticky Wilds may shift position from time to time.

Scatter pays

  • In addition to triggering the Bonus game 3 or more Scatter symbols also award prizes.
  • Scatter wins are multiplied by total bet:
    • 3 Scatters = X5
    • 4 Scatters = X15
    • 5 Scatters = X30


  • The wild symbol substitutes for any symbol except for Scatter. It does not pay anything by itself.

"Crystal Jackpot" Feature

  • This Video Slot has 3 progressive jackpots.
  • The jackpot(s) can be won only during the “Crystal Jackpots” feature, which is triggered randomly, no matching symbols are required.
  • The size of the bet determines the chances of winning the “Crystal Jackpots” feature.
  • You will need to select 1 out of 4 crystals to reveal the prize, which can be any of the three jackpots, or all of the 3 Jackpots combined (the "Combined Crystal").
  • The "Crystal Jackpot" feature can be won only during the base game. It cannot be won during the Free Spins.
  • The combined jackpot growth rate is 2% of game bets.
  • For this jackpot the combined seed amount is $60,000, or the equivalent amount in other play currencies offered.
  • This jackpot is shared with other games.
  • This jackpot is not capped in any way.

Please Note the Following Provisions:

  1. You have 30 second in which to select a crystal, or the game will make a random selection on your behalf.
  2. If you are disconnected from our network during the allotted time period and do not succeed to reconnect and to choose a crystal during such time, the game will randomly select a crystal for you.
  3. The in-game and lobby jackpot counters are refreshed every ~15 seconds, depending on the type of internet connection available to you. Therefore, if during the refreshment period another player first selects the same crystal or the Combined Crystal, the jackpot win which appears may not be the amount which you actually win. Of course, you will see the correct amount of your win immediately after the refreshment period.
    The refreshment period can be fast so you may already be aware that the jackpot has been reset prior to winning it.
  4. You might not be the only player who reaches the "Crystal Jackpot” Feature and if another player's first selection conflicts with yours, you may only receive a reduced jackpot amount (if it exists). The general rule is that a player who, as per our records, hits a jackpot first, will be entitled to receive the revealed jackpot prize, whilst any other player(s) that hit the same jackpot, will only receive the seed (if it exists) and any amount that has been generated –if any- since the jackpot was hit (the “Reduced Amount”).
  5. While theoretically mathematically possible, simultaneous and multiple wins are extremely rare. The more common scenario are sequential wins, usually minutes, hours or days apart.
    Let's assume that you and another player reach the “Crystal Jackpots” Feature and your selection is the second one:
    1. If both of you select the same crystal, the other player will be entitled to receive the full revealed jackpot prize and you will only receive its Reduced Amount;
    2. If the other player selects the Combined Crystal and you select any other crystal, the other player will receive the 3 full jackpot prizes and for the jackpot that has been already won by him, you will only receive its Reduced Amount;
    3. If the other player selects a crystal and you select the Combined Crystal, the other player will be entitled to receive the full selected jackpot prize, while you will only receive 2 full jackpot prizes and, for the jackpot that has been already won by the other player - its Reduced Amount; and
    4. If both of you select the Combined Crystal, the other player will receive the 3 full jackpot prizes and you will only receive the sum of their Reduced Amount.
  6. The game will regard a random selection as a person's selection for the purposes of dealing with simultaneous or consecutive selection of a crystal or a Combined Crystal.
  7. The above is true for both real money and demo money jackpots and for both PC and mobile-based games.

Games RTP

The player's percentage of theoretical expected return is 94.57%, but can be as low as 92.57%, depending on the amount of wagers placed with bonuses and special offers (including but not limited to games bonuses, Free Play, free spins and Jackpot Vouchers).

Game functions

  • To view the different winning combinations and special features click the “i” Info buttons slot’s button panel.
  • You may verify your total win amount in the TOTAL WIN-display window.
  • AUTOPLAY automatically plays the game for the selected number of rounds. You can select x10, x25, x50, or x75 spins.
  • Autoplay can be stopped at any time by re-pressing the Spin (Stop) button.
  • You may be offered additional options to stop Autoplay session.
  • The Autoplay pauses for Free Spins, it will resume when the feature ends.
  • Autoplay stops for Jackpot wins.
  • The Autoplay button does not appear in certain jurisdictions, such as the United Kingdom.
  • TURBO speeds up reels movement and some win animations.
  • TURBO applies only for Spin or Autoplay.


The game rules apply for mobile as well.