How to play Leprechaun's Luck

Do you have the luck of the Irish? Find out by playing this charming scratch card with an Emerald Isle theme! Match 3 lucky Irish symbols and win big cash prizes, up to 500 times your stake.

  • Select your stake by clicking on the arrow buttons in the ‘Stake’ field.
  • The higher your stake, the higher your winnings – up to 500 times your stake!
  • Click on the TURBO button if you want the symbols to be displayed immediately without having to view the scratch animation.
  • Click the PLAY button.
  • Click on the panels to reveal the hidden symbols. To reveal all the panels at once, click on the REVEAL ALL button.
  • If you reveal 3 matching symbols you win. There is only 1 win per card. As soon as 3 matching symbols appear, the remaining panels will automatically be revealed and the game ends.
  • The prize multipliers are displayed on the left side of the scratch card.

Special features

Autoplay: Click on AUTOPLAY for the game to be played for you. Next, click on the number of games you wish to autoplay. You can autoplay 5, 10, 15, 20 or 25 games.

While theoretically mathematically possible, in actuality apparent simultaneous and multiple wins are extremely rare. The more common scenario are sequential wins, usually minutes, hours or days apart. In general, in each progressive jackpot there is a seed amount, used for intro and refills. Let’s say a given jackpot starts growing based on contributions made during subsequent player rounds. Let's suppose the jackpot is now at 1500€. If two players win the jackpot almost at once, the first will win the 1500€ while the second will win the amount that has been generated –if any- since the first jackpot was obtained. The in-game and lobby jackpot counters are refreshed every ~15 seconds (depending on the type of internet connection available to the player) which is very fast so most likely the second (consecutive) winner would be already aware that the jackpot has been reset prior to winning it. The above is true for both real money and demo money jackpots and for both PC and mobile-based games.

The player’s percentage of theoretical return is 91.31%